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(image description: Line drawing of journalist Bisan from Gaza on a green background, with red font that reads “we demand a liberated Palestine in our lifetime.)
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Upcoming Actions in the Bay Area

  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Booklet from National Lawyers Guild - Good to review before attending actions: PDF here
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Reading Group: Sundays 1pm-3pm at Moments Cooperative. First session Feb 4! Info here 
  • AROC (Arab Resource and Organizing Center) Upcoming Events in Bay Area: Be redirected here 
  • Hands off Rafah March - Saturday March 2 at 12pm at Harry Bridges Plaza, San Francisco: more info here


History of Palestine / Educational Resources for the Situation of Palestine

  • The Palestine Academy: free digital classes about the history and context of Palestine. Link here
  • Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Audio Books via Spotify: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
  • Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) downloadable document: find here
  • Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question: link here

Documentaries / Short Informational Videos 

  • Palestinian Revolutionary Ghassan Kafani Interview (6:56 minutes): Watch here
  • Brief history / breakdown of Israel as a supremecist state: by BTsnewsroom (5:38 minutes): Watch here
  • Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe (content warning: genocide, zionism): Watch Episode 1 (47:24 minutes) here
  • List of Documentaries (scroll down list of Resources to find): find here
  • Gabor Mate Speaks about Palestine and Israel (12:31 minutes) CW: Interview by Russell Brand lol - skip to 0:28 to hear from Gabor Mate: Watch here

Palestinian Instagrams

  • Bisan - Reporter on the ground in Gaza: follow here (Arabic: follow here)
  • Mariam Barghouti - Reporter covering the West Bank: follow here
  • Palestinian Youth Movement - “A transnational, independent, grassroots movement of Palestinian & Arab youth struggling for the liberation of our homeland.”: follow here  (Bay Area Account: follow here)
  • AROC (Arab Resource and Organizing Center) Bay Area - Community Organization: follow here
  • Palestine Academy: follow here
  • Eye on Palestine: follow here
  • Subhi (sbeih.jpg) - Informational videos: follow here