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Last updated April 15, 2024

Cancellation / Reschedules

Currently, I am asking for 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment if you want your deposit to go toward your rescheduled appointment.  If you get sick with covid, or something more severe happens, of course I can be flexible with this timeframe, but please communicate with me asap. I do not offer refunds on deposits, so please be sure you want to get a tattoo by me and can afford to do so before booking a slot that could be someone else’s! If you reschedule more than twice, I will ask for a second deposit and the first will no longer count toward your total.

Why do you no longer offer deposit refunds on cancellations?

I no longer offer deposit refunds for cancellations because often I am unable to find someone to fill that appointment slot in time and it can financially put me out. A deposit shows your commitment to showing up for the tattoo. Of course things come up, so if you need to reschedule we can work something out and your deposit will be saved for that new appt! However, if you have to reschedule multiple times, I will have to ask for a second deposit because you will have cost me money I was expecting to make for rent. 

Deposits and Pricing

Because I am still a learning apprentice, my rate is currently lower than it will be in the months to come when I become more skilled and practiced.  Currently, my flash is labeled with their set sliding scale prices! (refer to FAQ about sliding scale). I do require a deposit of $50 to book with me and this amount will go toward paying for your tattoo. PLEASE BRING CASH TO PAY FOR YOUR TATTOO. I only accept cash at this time. 

Once I raise my rate, I will be offering different sliding scales and payment plans for low income folks. I want to be able to sustain my practice, and I also recognize we are doing the best we can and money is hard! I do ask that you honor my work though and choose a rate that you can afford and not try to take advantage of it. I am also someone trying to get by with a lot of people (family and friends) I support through this work. 

Custom Work

I am now available to do custom work! Please use the booking form to describe what you want and I will follow up. My rate for custom work is $100-120/hr (hours that I am tattooing).  If I find that I am having to rework your design a lot more than usual, I will ask that you pay a flat rate of $50 for that extra work.  Meaning if I have done more than 3 redraws, I will ask for a payment to continue drawing. We can assess together too. 

Free Slots 

Most booking periods, I offer 3 free slots for different communities/folks. I have a variety of reasons why I do this, so it’s not really a one size fits all explanation. But the best way I can explain it is: I want to be able to make some slots very accessible as my rates increase. My policy around free slots is that it is a free tattoo session of 3 hours. If the design goes past 3 hours, then my regular rates will start to apply.  I will tell the client interested in getting a free slot if their design will go past the 3 hour mark so they can decide if it’s worth it for them or in their budget. Raising my rates in general helps me to be able to continue to offer this service <3 


I, along with the shop I apprentice at, require masks in the shop at all times. There is an outside space to eat and chill unmasked if you need. I wear masks in order to make the space safer for clients who are immunocompromised and more at-risk.


Touch ups are free and welcomed (especially since I’m a beginner)! Please email me at tobefreetattoos@gmail.com with a photo of your healed tattoo to schedule a touch up.