No refunds at this time, if you have any doubts about a piece please email me with any questions!

Exchanges are welcome, but you must pay for shipping and I might not be able to exchange products that I no longer stock.

If your package is lost in transit, there is unfortunately nothing I can do on the matter.  Domestic shipping is $3.50 and will come with a shipping number that I send you once your package has been dropped off at the post office.

International orders welcome!  But you will have to pay the shipping.  So far in my experience it costs $10-14, which we will coordinate through email.

REPAIRS WELCOME.  However you will have to pay for parts and shipping.  Email me at for.ina.jewelry@gmail.com with a photo of what happened and an explanation of how. Some more delicate and time-consuming repairs will require a repair fee.

I accept payment plans on pieces over $40. I try to make pieces more affordable while also respecting all the work I put into them.  But I also know it is sometimes not affordable to all, especially if you have your eye on a more expensive piece.  I hold pieces for up to a month and ask that you make a payment every week or every two weeks.  This is something we can sort out when you email me which piece you would like to put on layaway.

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

-How should I care for the jewelry I buy from you?

I like to put the pieces I own aside and away from other jewelry.  Usually bunching jewelry and different metals into one bag can make the metals react and change colors or get damaged or scratched.  So start with taking care of where you place the jewelry when you aren’t wearing it.  Some people even like putting their jewelry in a bag with little anti-tarnish slips, which will help keep the shine of the brass.  Also keep the jewelry dry!  Don’t wear it in the shower or when you go swimming and don’t store in moist environments if possible. I use gold-filled ear wires and chain (for necklaces) unless stated otherwise.  Because of this higher quality the ear wires and chain should not change colors or turn your skin green when wearing it.  If you find this does happen, please let me know and I will contact my supplier for further information. The main components of my jewelry are brass metal, which can become darker with time.  I personally like this darkened version that happens, but you can always polish it back up with a polishing cloth.  I wouldn’t suggest dipping it in a solution though because usually there are beads or stones that might be impacted.

-What materials do you use?

As stated above, I use primarily brass and gold-filled metals. Sometimes I use sterling silver as well. I use stones once in a while but soon will be phasing out this use until I find more sustainably-sourced options.  For the bead-stitching component in my work, I use miyuki delica beads which are made of glass. 

-Are your designs available in stores?

I am currently working with a few local shops to make this happen, but nothing is currently living in a store yet.  If you are a small business owner and interested in selling locally handmade jewelry, please contact me for more information. I love working with others to help us both succeed and pay rent!

-Do you have a line sheet?

Yes I do!  Please email me if you are interested.

-Where are you based?

I am currently based in Oakland, CA

-How is your jewelry made?

All pieces are handmade by myself out of my room. The brass components are hand formed and hammered by myself unless otherwise stated in the description and I do all of my wire wrapping and bead stitching as well.

-Can I modify jewelry before purchase?

Yes of course!  Some people have stretched ears and need hooks, others don’t have pierced ears and need clip-ons and some people have crazy metal allergies and can only use specific metals. Please email me and we will work something out!

-Do you do custom work?

I love custom work and welcome any visions you may have for your own unique piece that will make you feel special and powerful. I currently work $20/hr for labor and charge a flat fee of $10 for sketching and consultations.  When you contact me with a design I will give you a quote for time and materials before I start sketching or doing more consultations.  If you believe my style will compliment your vision please reach out, I would love to work with you!

-Do you do trades?

Yes I trade for food, healing services/products, clothes and sometimes art.  But I might have to say no if I am tight on money!