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Last updated July 17, 2023

What is Sliding Scale?

Sliding scale is something I like to offer so the client can adjust their final price within the limits I set. I do this to make my tattoo work more accessible to people of different classes. I know my scales may still be hard to pay for, so I am open to work out payment plans for folks who are low income. However, I do ask that you respect my labor and craft and do not take advantage of this offering.

Example of Sliding Scale: I charge $80-100 for a piece, so you get to choose which number between $80-100 you can afford / are willing to pay, and that’s your final amount! 

Am I supposed to tip?

I am never going to force you to tip, but it is greatly appreciated, especially as an apprentice. I don’t charge as much for my work currently because I am learning, but it’s still a large amount of labor and has an impact on my body which I have to often pay for later. Additionally, all of the money made does not go to me; I also spend funds on materials, physical care, and 30% of every tattoo I do goes to the studio. 

Other tips I love: Groceries (fresh vegetables, meat, etc LOL), handmade clothes, handmade ceramics 

Why do I have to pay a deposit / how does a deposit work?

A deposit is made so that I can ensure that you will show up to your appointment! This way people are less inclined to bail last minute on me, which can put me in a hard place financially. It’s also to show that you are committed to this time with me. Please refer to my Policies for information about cancellations /reschedules. Deposits are amounts that go toward your final payment. I currently take $50 deposits, so if your tattoo total ends up being $100, you would only pay $50 (plus tip) on the day of the tattoo. 

What should I expect since you are an apprentice?

I am still a beginner, so during your appointment it is likely that a mentor from the shop will watch over from time to time and make comments / teach me in the moment if necessary.  We will ask permission before they watch, adjust, etc. I apprentice at Thorns Studio in Berkeley, so feel free to check out their page if you are curious who would be around. Additionally, I may go a bit slower because I am learning, so mentally prepare for a bit longer than you may be expecting. Of course message me with any questions on timing! 

Why are you only tattooing arms and legs right now?

I am currently focusing on tattooing arms and legs to develop my skills with tattooing and getting the right depth of needle and clean linework. I am waiting to tattoo more sensitive areas like chest, ribs and stomach because there is a higher risk for blow out, and I want to have more experience before tattooing those sensitive areas. 

Are you only doing flash? Are you open to custom work?

I am only doing my flash or a version of my flash (edited together) currently. This is so then I can better know the time it will take to tattoo you and focus on one thing at a time. I will be more open to custom work in a few months when I am more practiced.